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Monthly Archives: April 2014

You may be able to point out the ‘holes’ in science and say why it can’t disprove God (while ignoring all of the holes in religion and the lack of information about God); however, you can not deny that paper..disproves Spock.



*Disclaimer* I am not by any means attacking the religions, or beliefs, of anyone


A number of recent books and articles will have you believe that—somehow—science has now disproved the existence of God. We know so much about how the Universe works, their authors claim, that God is simply unnecessary: we can explain all the workings of the Universe without the need for a “creator.”

And indeed, science has brought us an immense amount of understanding. The sum total of human knowledge doubles roughly every couple of years or less. In physics and cosmology, for example, we can now claim to know what happened to our Universe as early as a tiny fraction of a second after the Big Bang, something that may seem astounding. In chemistry, we understand the most complicated reactions among atoms and molecules, and in biology we know how the living cell works and have mapped out our entire genome. But does this vast knowledge base disprove the existence of…

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I was scrolling through Facebook when an article called “Lessons Learned From A Year Without Showering”, written by Rob Greenfield, caught my attention. Naturally, my curiosity got the best of me so, I clicked it. Turns out, it is not at all what I thought it would be. It’s an awesome article about a guy’s journey to conserve water and be environmentally friendly. He uses natural sources to bathe and eco-friendly soap to stay clean. It’s a really interesting article with some pretty awesome pictures so I wanted to share it for those interested in cool, and tough, ways to be green.



Enjoy 🙂

Decided to write a poem really quick 🙂



Can we remember to

commemorate the life

we never had. We moderate

and date back. Stuck in a

Hellenistic age, we

romanticize our faults.

Bleeding gold, so cheerful,

wanting to be a part of the new

world. Yearning, burning, our

bodies collide. Wishing for breath

we are tossed into flames.

Scorching through time travel,

placed near rivers, lying at

stakes, tied to stone, we

fall. Sinking, until we rise again.

We excrete our revenge onto

those who believe they are

celestial beings. Poisoning

their ideology, We crawl over

their minds and melt into their

prefrontal cortex. Warping their

Thoughts so that they are shaped

to mirror our own. We create a

new form of mind control.

Membrane coated, organ operated

robots, living for our every whim.

Pushing forth greater intelligence

and complex thought patterns,

we unite the improved beings.

We take them by the handful

and store them into enlarged

vessels. Building a clan of

demigods, the world becomes ours.

I like doing weird drawings. I just did this sketch a few minutes ago.

I wrote this last night when I was watching the Goosebumps episode “Piano Lessons Can Be Deadly”.


*Spoiler Alert For Those Who Missed Out on Childhood*

It was the one with the the little boy who wants to learn to play piano so that he could play with this girl he met. He ends up going to some shady place for the lessons and the teacher (who is apparently a robot that the ‘janitor’ created) malfunctions, so to speak, and tries to steal the boys hands. He runs to the basement  and where the janitor saves him; when actuality he was controlling the instructor and tries to steal the boys hand as well. The ghost haunting the boy’s home (and piano) expels itself from his body and protects him.

It’s pretty cool. Goosebumps in general is awesome and on Netflix!!!!

Okay, no more rambling. Here’s the poem:


Beautiful hands


Fingers wrap around

one another,

braiding into bars,

notes tying them

together. Melodies

dance within their

veins creating a smooth

rhythm. Orchestrating

motions and

symphonizing sounds,

they release themselves,

taking their final


100_0385 I’ve been having a little fun with lines. I don’t think that I’m finished yet; however, I wanted to share my weirdness anyway.

This is a little rough but, I thought I would just share it anyway. Couldn’t hurt.



With a teasing, jocose smile, he stood

Grabbing the aging bottle of whiskey

from the cabinet

-this you will enjoy

He smirked

while his young companion watched with

a slow moving eye

Virgin to this form of advancement

he was unsure of what to do

His increment to the situation was nothing

short of bafflement

He watched quietly as the elongated

mass retrieved two short glasses

and returned to his company

Steadily, he watched as the brown liquid was

poured evenly into the glasses

Shortly, to no surprise of his, he was

handed a glass

-I can’t

he protested nervously

-it’s good for you

the man urged him

Earthquakes erupted in his hands as he took the glass

He choked down his first sip

Bemused by the smoothness of the elder liquor

he took another sip

-is this to your liking

the man asked with a voice smoother than the whiskey

-oh yes. Thank you it’s very nice


he replied as he stood and removed his long black robe

-forgive me but it is a little warm

in here. I hope you don’t mind

-n-no, of course not

he responded nervously, trying to avert his attention from his exposed suitor

He finished his drink quickly

becoming intoxicated on the aroma alone

He looked up to see the man smiling sweetly as he traced the rim of his glass

-would you like another

He cooed seductively

-I shouldn’t. I’m feeling a little lightheaded

Ignoring his protest, the man poured him

another glass

-I’ll care for you if necessary

he assured him

There was an aftershock as he lifted the glass to his lips

His cheeks reddened as he pulled in the liquid greedily

-are you not having any

he hiccupped

-I am

he told him as he raised the glass to him slightly before swallowing it completely

-I think in will have another as well

he smiled as he poured himself another glass

The young man watched in awe as that glass was finished just as quickly as the first

-you’ll get used to it

He told him as he poured another glass


He instructed the boy

The boy did as he was told

He raised his glass to his lips and attempted to swallow it all his the older man did

He was unsuccessful in his attempt to finish his glass

Causing himself to cough profusely as the liquor trickles down his cheek

A deep, rumbling laugh erupted from the mans throat as he reached across the table and wiped the corner of the boys mouth and brought that finger back to his own lips

-try not to spill

He told him as he licked the remnants of the liquor from his finger

-im sorry, my mind was elsewhere

He apologized as he made second attempt to empty his glass of everything but air

This one being more successful than the first

he sat his glass down in triumph

Without asking he man began to pour him another glass


He protested quickly

-I believe I’ve had enough


He replied slyly

-we’re just getting started

“Reach for the sky”, he

yells to me from beneath my

feet. Living in the ground

and growing through

trees, he leaves. Pushing through

my spirit, aiming

for the clouds, and grabbing

hold of the sun, I burn.

Within him, I scream and he,

calms me. White fire turns to

ice and we, I , am soothed.

Blisters explode into new skin,

wrapping us closer together.

Stars align as we intertwine

morphing into one magnificent

Being. We fly, buzzing

through space and weaving

through planets, tying them

together; traveling light years to see

them collide. Twirling

constantly until we arrive to a

new planet. We land, stepping unto fresh

ground. Green smoke dances at

our feet. Climbing up our legs, to our

heads, it make its way through the

atmosphere. Its aurora recreates

color above us. Birthing new stars as

it flows through space.  And we,

feet planted firmly on the ground,

create new life. We build superior

beings from fallen stars. Allowing them

to transform into miniature suns. Creating

pure warmth, they grab hold of us.

Melting our tainted souls into

puddles of white energy, they free

us. We become one pristine

presence, living in one harmonious world



Walking silently.

Soft soles cushion

my blow to the Earth.

A large face stares up at me

with every step. Massive

eyes watching my every move.


An abnormal mouth

holds my feet and,

OH MY GOD Homer Simpson

is eating me alive. His ecru

lips wraps around my feet

and climbs up my calves to


my thighs. He is eating me to

excess and washing me

down with my beer. Fantastical

eyes stare up at me angrily as

Homer fucking Simpson chomps

down on legs, crippling


me so I can’t run but, still,

I try. I keep moving forward

and he follows me. His fatigued

hat curls over his eyes

darkening them; creating a sinister

glare, he stares.


Those bulbous eyes watches me

as he engorges on my being.

A mixture of laughs and screams

fill the air. I try to pull him off,

hide him in my closet but, Homer

mother fucking Simpson doesn’t


quit when he’s hungry. This

gluttonous being taunts me as

I crawl. Blood spews from

my mangled stubs. I attempt to

escape, trying to distract him with

promises of beer and donuts but


he keeps coming for me. He grows

as he gurgles hungrily, licking

my blood from the ground as he

trails slowly behind me, laughing

as I reach the door. Grabbing hold

of the knob, I pull. Sliding as the door


swings open, I hear another laugh.

I look up and fucking Homer

is in front of me foaming at the

mouth. I look back to see his bloody

sneer approaching me and scream.

I had forgotten that these fucking


things come in pairs.

My heart pounds, blood rushes

from me and I am paralyzed.

These fucking monsters just stare

at me, grinning at my misfortune.

Immobile, I watch as their


mouths grow; Inaudible shrieks

escape my lips as gasps. Panic sets in.

My body weakens more. My visions blurs

as they come closer. “Ready”, they

ask as they hover over me drooling. Lacking

strength, I whisper, “Fuck you Homers”


When I was a sophomore, I had this awesome professor for poetry writing who introduced me to different forms of poetry. One form I learned was the double abecedarian. It is a 26 line poem written in alphabetical order. Each line begins and ends with a letter of the alphabet, for example, a to z, b to y, c to x, d to w, and so on.

It can be pretty difficult but it’s also really awesome so, I have decided to give it another try. I wanted to share both attempts, first is the one from class and the second is from this morning.



Attempt 1: Overdose


And you thought I was done when you called me a ditz

back in the woods. I still remember when you said, “You, I will bury”.

Couldn’t care less when I screamed your name so you put me in a box.

Down in the dirt, I groaned with a bow.

Even though you claimed to be the best when you introduced me to the Chekhov

found in your bag, I should’ve known it was a lie that was colored ecru.

Going down it was raw. I didn’t realize that that was the hint.

Had I stopped there, I wouldn’t be here thinking about your puzzles.

I realize now, the light brown didn’t match and your little friend was plastic with a gear;

jaded and abused. When you hit me with it, it would bend PDQ.

Killing my insides, you put an end to my stop,

‘letting’ me continue. Actually, you forced me so I died a long time ago.

Making me a slave, I was a soldier to your objection.

Never given a gun, I fought with your scream.

Out in the woods, you let me fall.

Pounding on your heart, my doors never closed to your fuck.

Questioning the size, it was a benj

rather than a pass, but it was my first and I

should not have let you go forth.

Tucked under your body, I was a victim to your lying.

Understanding my faults, I was cut in half.

“Viva la vagina”, was all the shit you gave.

When you looked into my eyes it sucked.

X-ray vision allowed you to fuck my mind when my words were too elliptic.

Zoned in treatment, while your toes curled, I was stuck with anemia.



Attempt 2: From The Sky, Pull


Amazing buzz

Buried in smoke and engulfed by

considerable ways of the fox.

Down, I fall to your sly touch. Moving to a bow,

everlasting fear blankets me as I gain new maglev.

Forever, you pull me back with an offering of bijou.

Giving me tiny things in retrospect;

harboring all smalls,

I fall again and become the bringer of your

joust. I fly towards you with a tranq

killing your awakening and disarming your help.

Life continues through reincarnated virtuoso

moving backward in brown

nonsense. Giving no time for calm

operative motions, you fall.

Pulling through magnetic force, you come back

Quibbling, you pronounce yourself a Benj

reversing my process so that I

sacrifice life for your church.


underneath your ability to chaff.

Vigorous torture

will never end for the watched.

Xenophobia comes to light. That phobic

yield placed on me goes well beyond drab.

Zero hour has reached and I am in dystopia




tadaa..I think finishing it definitely counts as success

Also some of the sentences were cut which makes the form look wrong but it’s not..I just don’t know how to fix it

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