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I always find it to be quite difficult to do these. The ‘About Me’ page. How do you tell someone about yourself without just telling them what you like or what type of stuff you do? Is it better to show you instead of trying to explain it? Then again how exactly do you do that? A collage? Or maybe a list of words ‘describing’  yourself..

The only thing I can thing of is just that I’m a person. I’m just a person trying to create a voice for myself, while simultaneously creating plenty of mistakes. I’m only human after all. I’m only 1 in 7 billion, fighting for rights and yelling my beliefs to the Heavens. I’m only a person who is in love with all forms of expression, who believes in equality, who wants to be fluent in all aspects of the universe.

I’m only a human with a passion for knowledge and music, arts and culture, language and experience. I want to know life and everything it entails. Who I am is merely a person; just your average Joe wondering this ever changing ambiance.


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