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When I look at myself in the mirror,

I turn away, hitting the lights and shielding

myself from the stares. I don’t want to see

their eyes anymore.


Breathe. Just
Reach into the pit of fire
and grab hold
of the heart strings.
Strum your way
through the beginning

of the end.
Lay down.
Forge your burdens

into your bed.                                                                                                                                           Let your body form
to the                                                                                                                                                       disruptions,
Allow your lungs
to fill with their despair.
Empower yourself

with the fear of defeat.
You rise,
and reach back

through smoke blankets.
Grab hold of                                                                                                                                             the earth
and crawl
through the grave you made.                                                                                                                 Move forward                                                                                                                                     and emerge from the red tape.

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blah blah..meh



This is pretty similar to the face in my dream last night

It was about time for a new poem :). It’s just a little different but, not really.


Anyway, poem time:




Sixteen feet away,

cherry lips spread for

me. Dimples deepen

until they touch and she


looks away. Puckered,

she stares down at her

feet. Raven strands

blow behind an ear and


she looks back to me.

So I cross, sixteen feet,

through eight inches of

sludge to flirtatious legs.


Slowly, I reach the body

they’re attached to.

Gazing over the new born

sun, my mind orbits,


becoming dizzier with

every drop of long lashes

against elated cheeks.

I cant help but stare into


the stars. They pull me

closer. Creating massive

heat waves between us

until our bodies fuse to


one another; tying me to

her. We rock within her

smile ignoring the

shrinking Universe around


us. Eliminating space so

that I feel the planets

against me. Soft hands

bring my face closer. My


eyes drift to the cherry

simper I couldn’t help but

watch before our collision.

Her lips pull me in; tongue


rubbing away my flaws

as she erases me.

Decided to write a poem really quick 🙂



Can we remember to

commemorate the life

we never had. We moderate

and date back. Stuck in a

Hellenistic age, we

romanticize our faults.

Bleeding gold, so cheerful,

wanting to be a part of the new

world. Yearning, burning, our

bodies collide. Wishing for breath

we are tossed into flames.

Scorching through time travel,

placed near rivers, lying at

stakes, tied to stone, we

fall. Sinking, until we rise again.

We excrete our revenge onto

those who believe they are

celestial beings. Poisoning

their ideology, We crawl over

their minds and melt into their

prefrontal cortex. Warping their

Thoughts so that they are shaped

to mirror our own. We create a

new form of mind control.

Membrane coated, organ operated

robots, living for our every whim.

Pushing forth greater intelligence

and complex thought patterns,

we unite the improved beings.

We take them by the handful

and store them into enlarged

vessels. Building a clan of

demigods, the world becomes ours.

“Reach for the sky”, he

yells to me from beneath my

feet. Living in the ground

and growing through

trees, he leaves. Pushing through

my spirit, aiming

for the clouds, and grabbing

hold of the sun, I burn.

Within him, I scream and he,

calms me. White fire turns to

ice and we, I , am soothed.

Blisters explode into new skin,

wrapping us closer together.

Stars align as we intertwine

morphing into one magnificent

Being. We fly, buzzing

through space and weaving

through planets, tying them

together; traveling light years to see

them collide. Twirling

constantly until we arrive to a

new planet. We land, stepping unto fresh

ground. Green smoke dances at

our feet. Climbing up our legs, to our

heads, it make its way through the

atmosphere. Its aurora recreates

color above us. Birthing new stars as

it flows through space.  And we,

feet planted firmly on the ground,

create new life. We build superior

beings from fallen stars. Allowing them

to transform into miniature suns. Creating

pure warmth, they grab hold of us.

Melting our tainted souls into

puddles of white energy, they free

us. We become one pristine

presence, living in one harmonious world

I know that I am probably the worst blogger ever. I might be a little beyond inconsistency; however, I have an idea. I am going to start using song titles as writing prompts/titles. The name of the song will kind of jump start the poem. I’m hoping to, everyday, get a new song and write for 2-6 minutes, without stopping or editing, based off of that song (suggestions are of course very welcome :D).

To kickoff this plan, I’m using ‘Am I Going Crazy by KORN’. Here’s a link to the song:

It’s short and sweet and KORN is awesome so it’s perfect.

Now without further ado, the actual poem:


Am I going crazy? Can

you find my inhabitants?

Has my life become full of vessels?

Are we all broken? Melting

and becoming, are we constantly emerging

into combinations

of terrifying insanity?

Building a life within a

Plague, are we moving

closer towards death?

Is this the end of a horrific

dream? Or the beginning of damnation?

How sick can this be?

Me observing the faces

of twisted morality as I roll within the holes

of hell, watching a contorted sky


I wrote this for a class project but ended up changing my mind about it. I was trying to focus on body image and esteem or what have you.

In my skin are the words I never said
Naked my mind becomes the nudist
Images scatter across my body’s canvas painting words of the wicked
In my conscience repeating “You are never what you wish to be
You become a vase of pain forced through space
You align on your axis and orbit the laughter
Your knees screaming from the scars of your fall leaving you to never rise again”
Exposed skin tugs on the bones of my closet
Pulling the past into the present we are no longer separate
Repression is inevitable
Realism brings forth nightmares and becomes a reality
Ideally you dream when you’re asleep but my screams are too loud for me to keep them in REM
Speaking into existence
Forces reside within me
Pushing the madness away from my lips
It cries into the darkness
Begging for a smile
Whispering with one last breath
Someone come and save my life
Slipping through asylums filled with black holes
I split in two
She slides away from existence
Moving closer to the edge
fairies began to dance in her head
Taunting her
They lead her down a path of broken glass
Digging into her heels it forms a barrier
Covering the tracks behind her
She’s lost in the fairy tale
Hiding in trees they fade
Falling through a wonderland of misshapen kings
They taunt her and then me
Throwing stones too large for my sieve
Bruising my ego and crumpling me like paper
They trash my being
So that I fall into an empty space
Suffocating in the atmosphere
Burning under the abandoned pressure
I continue to disintegrate
While my ashes dissolve into the sun

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