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Monthly Archives: June 2013

It has been a while

I try to be consistent it just doesn’t work out that way, however, I am working on it.


Any who, this is from a character that I have been working with. I’m not completely sure of how I feel about it yet it goes:



He stands on edge

with smoke excavating from his being.

He leans

into the lens of his very essence,

giving him the ability to see blindly through himself.


His heart explodes through his empty chest,

contradicting who he assembled himself to be.

As blood spews from the vacant cavity

it becomes translucent; clearly,

his mind is clear.


His knowledge bleeds unto the floor beneath him.

Seeping through the soles of his feet,

he marches to his error.

Hating his very being, despising

his manhood


fearing for

the hurt that he caused in slumber.

Blood stains

erase themselves. He stands on the edge

living in the end,


dying in his beginning,

sizzling in the heat of his torture.

His body, his soul,

it sinks

as he rises.


Standing on the end

of his life, he waits


As an ion, he gleams. Crying out in hate

in spite of no voice,


he makes a way.

Creating a pitch less sound,

he cries until his lungs deflate;


unto himself, squeezing out his reality


his soul seeps through his rectum.

It expunges itself from his core. Clearly,

naked in blatant pain

his grip of realism is lost

with his disguise.


It is buried with his past

and embellished in his future.

Exposed in the present, and confused through

his time, he waits

in jaded shades,


forgetful of the hand he composed.


he rocks, slipping out of his skin.

Falling limp, his muscles deflate in the

garden, he has no shame.