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Fear; anger.
Legs pushed beneath
your head
Stop; hurt.
Being torn into two.
Ravished by
animals as they sit
atop their prey.


Run away into the

smoke pools of yesterday.

Fly high within their

flames. Bury yourself

within their fumes.

Be covered with the fog.

Allow yourself to be

blanketed with its chilling

warmth. Maintain protection

in reach of the dome. Listen

to the sound of the

fiddle. Let the strings be your memory.

Force the drum outside of your

core. Let the rhythm be your feat.

Be moved by the sound. Allow

The notes to be your footstool. Rest

your head against their bars.

And dream of a meditating symphony

Decided to write a poem really quick 🙂



Can we remember to

commemorate the life

we never had. We moderate

and date back. Stuck in a

Hellenistic age, we

romanticize our faults.

Bleeding gold, so cheerful,

wanting to be a part of the new

world. Yearning, burning, our

bodies collide. Wishing for breath

we are tossed into flames.

Scorching through time travel,

placed near rivers, lying at

stakes, tied to stone, we

fall. Sinking, until we rise again.

We excrete our revenge onto

those who believe they are

celestial beings. Poisoning

their ideology, We crawl over

their minds and melt into their

prefrontal cortex. Warping their

Thoughts so that they are shaped

to mirror our own. We create a

new form of mind control.

Membrane coated, organ operated

robots, living for our every whim.

Pushing forth greater intelligence

and complex thought patterns,

we unite the improved beings.

We take them by the handful

and store them into enlarged

vessels. Building a clan of

demigods, the world becomes ours.

This is a little rough but, I thought I would just share it anyway. Couldn’t hurt.



With a teasing, jocose smile, he stood

Grabbing the aging bottle of whiskey

from the cabinet

-this you will enjoy

He smirked

while his young companion watched with

a slow moving eye

Virgin to this form of advancement

he was unsure of what to do

His increment to the situation was nothing

short of bafflement

He watched quietly as the elongated

mass retrieved two short glasses

and returned to his company

Steadily, he watched as the brown liquid was

poured evenly into the glasses

Shortly, to no surprise of his, he was

handed a glass

-I can’t

he protested nervously

-it’s good for you

the man urged him

Earthquakes erupted in his hands as he took the glass

He choked down his first sip

Bemused by the smoothness of the elder liquor

he took another sip

-is this to your liking

the man asked with a voice smoother than the whiskey

-oh yes. Thank you it’s very nice


he replied as he stood and removed his long black robe

-forgive me but it is a little warm

in here. I hope you don’t mind

-n-no, of course not

he responded nervously, trying to avert his attention from his exposed suitor

He finished his drink quickly

becoming intoxicated on the aroma alone

He looked up to see the man smiling sweetly as he traced the rim of his glass

-would you like another

He cooed seductively

-I shouldn’t. I’m feeling a little lightheaded

Ignoring his protest, the man poured him

another glass

-I’ll care for you if necessary

he assured him

There was an aftershock as he lifted the glass to his lips

His cheeks reddened as he pulled in the liquid greedily

-are you not having any

he hiccupped

-I am

he told him as he raised the glass to him slightly before swallowing it completely

-I think in will have another as well

he smiled as he poured himself another glass

The young man watched in awe as that glass was finished just as quickly as the first

-you’ll get used to it

He told him as he poured another glass


He instructed the boy

The boy did as he was told

He raised his glass to his lips and attempted to swallow it all his the older man did

He was unsuccessful in his attempt to finish his glass

Causing himself to cough profusely as the liquor trickles down his cheek

A deep, rumbling laugh erupted from the mans throat as he reached across the table and wiped the corner of the boys mouth and brought that finger back to his own lips

-try not to spill

He told him as he licked the remnants of the liquor from his finger

-im sorry, my mind was elsewhere

He apologized as he made second attempt to empty his glass of everything but air

This one being more successful than the first

he sat his glass down in triumph

Without asking he man began to pour him another glass


He protested quickly

-I believe I’ve had enough


He replied slyly

-we’re just getting started

I was in bed listening to music as I waited for an episode of Mad Men to load when I wrote this. I had The Broken by Coheed & Cambria (awesome song by an awesome prog rock band) on repeat when I was suddenly inspired; I’m just not sure if I’m done yet.

If you know the song, you’ll probably recognize the first line of the chorus in the title.

Any who, here’s the poem 🙂

Dropping through space,
Heaven, and Earth
Falling through the core and aiming straight towards hell
We crash
into meaningless lives,
destroying factories that create
robotic realities
We watch nano lives flash
before our eyes;
becoming alienated as they die out
Watching broken people dissolve into the ground as more fall from our sky
Never ending movies play before our eyes
The same film stays on repeat yet we never get tired of watching
Staring as the world burns
Laughing at its suicide
Enjoying the seconds as ash
snows around you
Happy that your feet hasn’t
touched the ground
Proud of this scenic route because the world looks that much better
when you’re falling
You enjoy the lives of the broken
Forgetting that yours is over
Ignoring the fact that pity goes
both ways so that they
may watch you fall

Pavement covered in dark belief.
Blanketed by a touch that cannot reach. Engulfed by light
that refuses to show.
Brightening your rotation,
and disappearing just as quickly.

Blown by paralyzed winds.
Lying on the ground;
stretched from home.
Reaching for nothing and,
never holding anyone.

Your life ends quickly,
as soon as the light dims

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I had to share this link. It is a wonderful list and shows you exactly how not fun growing up will be.

Do not take college for granted; I know I’m not.



It’s WAY too much fun :P.





WP_000671              And a lot messier lol


I wrote this for a class project but ended up changing my mind about it. I was trying to focus on body image and esteem or what have you.

In my skin are the words I never said
Naked my mind becomes the nudist
Images scatter across my body’s canvas painting words of the wicked
In my conscience repeating “You are never what you wish to be
You become a vase of pain forced through space
You align on your axis and orbit the laughter
Your knees screaming from the scars of your fall leaving you to never rise again”
Exposed skin tugs on the bones of my closet
Pulling the past into the present we are no longer separate
Repression is inevitable
Realism brings forth nightmares and becomes a reality
Ideally you dream when you’re asleep but my screams are too loud for me to keep them in REM
Speaking into existence
Forces reside within me
Pushing the madness away from my lips
It cries into the darkness
Begging for a smile
Whispering with one last breath
Someone come and save my life
Slipping through asylums filled with black holes
I split in two
She slides away from existence
Moving closer to the edge
fairies began to dance in her head
Taunting her
They lead her down a path of broken glass
Digging into her heels it forms a barrier
Covering the tracks behind her
She’s lost in the fairy tale
Hiding in trees they fade
Falling through a wonderland of misshapen kings
They taunt her and then me
Throwing stones too large for my sieve
Bruising my ego and crumpling me like paper
They trash my being
So that I fall into an empty space
Suffocating in the atmosphere
Burning under the abandoned pressure
I continue to disintegrate
While my ashes dissolve into the sun

I was thinking about the drink, Tequila Sunrise and it inspired me to write this poem. If you’re curious about how to make a Tequila Sunrise, this is the recipe:

1.5fl oz tequila
3/4 cups orange juice (or to taste)
2 dashes of grenadine syrup
Ice (optional)

And now for the poem:

You can make the sunrise
Tequila and faux sunshine
Orange and red bloodlines
Layered from gravitational pulls
Marked with beastly eyes of the bull
El Toro staring you down
Smoke flaring from it’s nostrils
Suffocating you with fear
You drown
Squeezing your life
Executing your desire
Leaving it in a gas chamber
Seeping into the ceiling
Your essence
Noosed and hanging onto a lethal injection
Left until you go limp
And you fall into a grenadine river
Sticking to forgotten memories
Red clinging to what’s left of you
Regurgitating what you used to be
Blacking out what you’ve become
You die in thickened waters
And awaken to repeat your fate

Let everything that have breath fall into space
Let the breadth of an object be squeezed away from it
Allow lungs to collapse upon themselves
Let the blood flow from your fingertips
Eyes rolling back into the past
Life flashing as you gasp for air
Allow your heart to beat
Pounding against your chest
Afraid that suffocation will be the last thing you will ever feel
Ignore the touch as you explode
Pain filled skies watching
surrounding you
Waiting for your next move
The move that is impervious to your being
Forced to lie still
Screaming behind veiled eyes
Screeching so loud and no one hears it
Allow your heart to explode
Vomit the blood of your past
Free your mind of the present
Relinquish your thoughts and your very being
As you float through space

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