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Monthly Archives: August 2013

This is something that I’m working on now and decided to share. I’m not completely sure of where I want to take it or even if i should continue but i have an idea of what to do with it..maybe anyway here it is:

And he
with his gibbous smile
attached to a surrendering torso
reaches for another roll
Hands that look to frail to be grazed by wind grabbed the ball of bread impatiently
Taking half of it into that half mooned mouth all at once
Just as he was ready to swallow the remaining fraction of dough
he heard someone call from the doorway
Reminding him that if he was to devour his prey then
he should do it slowly
he groaned
nibbling at the deepened crescent shape
The figure that contained the noise stepped forward from the doors frame
Elegantly ivory robes flowed around his ankles
Brushing him as gently as leaves in spring
Despite his rough and elongated stature
he remained a beautiful creature
White skin weaved around his torso
covering the muscular frame with silk
He glided to the seat next to the window
joining his companion
quietly his body graced the chair
He sat cross legged in his seat
His right elbow made its place on the small glass table
allowing the strong hand to cradle his chin
He smiled sweetly at this young man who intrigued him so
Hair of a raven fell well past his shoulders
aiming for the hardwood floor
Much better
He smiled to himself
Watching the young man eat nervously
Slowly he placed the rest of the roll onto the plate
Keeping his head low
he declared his defeat

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Pavement covered in dark belief.
Blanketed by a touch that cannot reach. Engulfed by light
that refuses to show.
Brightening your rotation,
and disappearing just as quickly.

Blown by paralyzed winds.
Lying on the ground;
stretched from home.
Reaching for nothing and,
never holding anyone.

Your life ends quickly,
as soon as the light dims

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