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Monthly Archives: October 2013

This has to be the most interesting fruit that I have had the privilege to sample


Giving him a fleering
Look like a jeer or gibe
He cried
Wailing on his persona
Reality poured from him
He watched
Observing taunting images
Of the life he never knew
Him laughing at the count
He screaming at what he’s done
Blood raining down on him
Growling with pleasure
“can’t escape the fate”
Glistening to pierce
Ready to cut out his eyes
And wrap them around him
“see what I see”
Never again permitted to sleep he
Engorges on death and flails
Falling to his fate
He lets him take over

I had a poem that went with this. However, my WordPress app decided to crash the first time I tried to post it. It sucks because I typed it directly into WordPress instead of in a note/doc so now it’s gone forever 😦

Anyhow, I wanted to take this opportunity to say thanks to everyone who follows/pays the slightest attention to this blog

I appreciate it
you’re all awesome
thank you 🙂

And now….staples!!

His body
swaggered in a drunken stupor.

As he fell towards his
bedroom door, he reached his mistress.

I hide in my closet room
Afraid to breathe sideways
Unappealing rain drops fills my craters
Creating lakes for my ship to sail in circles
I sit quietly
Hoping never to be found
With a silent heartbeat that increases with the sound of every thud
Encouraging me to watch
I take a gander fearfully
Too old to be afraid of the thing in my closet
But I know who’s out there
I take a peek under the bed only to be swept away
Pulled in another world

To be continued….??

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Here’s another incomplete “dream while I’m partially awake poem”. Its always fun to feel, hear, and see your dreams right?? Who needs REM sleep.

Dreams of being pinned to mattresses
Held down by forces who get stronger as you scream
Strong souls with no faces ripping at your being
Blank slates causing more damage
than you could ever imagine
Suffocating you
Covering your every attempt at being freed
Begging empty walls to save your life
And you’re alone
Awake in an empty bed
Screaming at your existence
You fall asleep to dream of lollipops and candy canes
Doing a dance in a fire pit
Gruesome faces taunting you
Burning faces smile widely
Grabbing at your flesh
Pulling at you
Tearing you into pieces
Throwing you into the flames and welding you back together
Removing you from the fire to do it all again
And you can’t escape
You try to run away
But you’re forced back
Thrown into a room that didnt contain so much heat but darkness
You grimace
At the stench of burning flesh behind
That is
Becoming masked by
Rotting bodies
You step forward
And you’re in purgatory
A greater hell than you could imagine and you can’t believe you found it
This new place of torture
And you are the master
You bask in the light quickly becoming proud
Quickly changing to fear
Quickly you’re running away
Trying to escape you’re being chased
Its every person or thing for themselves and you’re free game
Fresh meat and everyone wants a taste
You hide
Behind a person you mistook for a tree
Shivering you crouch
Slowly he turns
A small growl escapes his lips
Continuing to hide
You dont notice when he reaches for you
You can’t feel him until the branch like claws grab you
Digging into your back
You dont notice until blood oozes down your sides
You begin to choke on bile as he
Turns towards you slowly
tearing at small pieces of you so that the pain lasts longer

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I was on the bus and this came to mind so I wrote it down ta-daaaa
(no offense)

Pound it
We score
through tags of meaningless phrases
Numbering every word we speak
Drawing attention to the unnecessarily inevitable
hoping that someone would notice
We yell to one another
Screaming our teams
And everyone is doing it
We rush to
pound it
Look at me
keeping count of insignificant words
And who holds the score
Lines through lines both vert and horizontal
It is addicting
No one can stop us now
As we
Hashtag our way through life
insert pound here for our everyday activities
And just so you know I
“Just woke up about to eat some cereal #starving #sohungover #teamvodka #lookatmeiknowhowtoputapoundsymbolbeforemywords”
We the attention craving youngsters desperate to be cool
And everybody’s doing it
So why not
Let’s just
fist bump the words because it looks better that way
Abbreviate because we can’t spell them anyway
Shorthand circuit this mother
because who doesn’t
love a good shortcut
and creating space
just takes too much out of me
It’s harder on the eyes but
who gives a fuck
We’re all too high to see anyway
#granddaddykush just packed the bowl and
my eyes are so low
Mind moving so
slow and we
swear we’re still awake here
Its just that
It’s easier this way
We prefer it short and dirty
Living to the fullest in a
technological universe
pound our brains out
Tagging every word with all our friends
Emphasizing who we are
Living dangerously online
We place a number on our heads
We hashtag our lives as we
run through cyber crowds yelling

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