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I’m going to start trying to paint with paint balls again. That way I can better my aim and make art while having fun shooting stuff!! Yay!!

Bright side to having a slingshot



It was about time for a new poem :). It’s just a little different but, not really.


Anyway, poem time:




Sixteen feet away,

cherry lips spread for

me. Dimples deepen

until they touch and she


looks away. Puckered,

she stares down at her

feet. Raven strands

blow behind an ear and


she looks back to me.

So I cross, sixteen feet,

through eight inches of

sludge to flirtatious legs.


Slowly, I reach the body

they’re attached to.

Gazing over the new born

sun, my mind orbits,


becoming dizzier with

every drop of long lashes

against elated cheeks.

I cant help but stare into


the stars. They pull me

closer. Creating massive

heat waves between us

until our bodies fuse to


one another; tying me to

her. We rock within her

smile ignoring the

shrinking Universe around


us. Eliminating space so

that I feel the planets

against me. Soft hands

bring my face closer. My


eyes drift to the cherry

simper I couldn’t help but

watch before our collision.

Her lips pull me in; tongue


rubbing away my flaws

as she erases me.

Run away into the

smoke pools of yesterday.

Fly high within their

flames. Bury yourself

within their fumes.

Be covered with the fog.

Allow yourself to be

blanketed with its chilling

warmth. Maintain protection

in reach of the dome. Listen

to the sound of the

fiddle. Let the strings be your memory.

Force the drum outside of your

core. Let the rhythm be your feat.

Be moved by the sound. Allow

The notes to be your footstool. Rest

your head against their bars.

And dream of a meditating symphony

“Reach for the sky”, he

yells to me from beneath my

feet. Living in the ground

and growing through

trees, he leaves. Pushing through

my spirit, aiming

for the clouds, and grabbing

hold of the sun, I burn.

Within him, I scream and he,

calms me. White fire turns to

ice and we, I , am soothed.

Blisters explode into new skin,

wrapping us closer together.

Stars align as we intertwine

morphing into one magnificent

Being. We fly, buzzing

through space and weaving

through planets, tying them

together; traveling light years to see

them collide. Twirling

constantly until we arrive to a

new planet. We land, stepping unto fresh

ground. Green smoke dances at

our feet. Climbing up our legs, to our

heads, it make its way through the

atmosphere. Its aurora recreates

color above us. Birthing new stars as

it flows through space.  And we,

feet planted firmly on the ground,

create new life. We build superior

beings from fallen stars. Allowing them

to transform into miniature suns. Creating

pure warmth, they grab hold of us.

Melting our tainted souls into

puddles of white energy, they free

us. We become one pristine

presence, living in one harmonious world

His body
swaggered in a drunken stupor.

As he fell towards his
bedroom door, he reached his mistress.

This is something that I’m working on now and decided to share. I’m not completely sure of where I want to take it or even if i should continue but i have an idea of what to do with it..maybe anyway here it is:

And he
with his gibbous smile
attached to a surrendering torso
reaches for another roll
Hands that look to frail to be grazed by wind grabbed the ball of bread impatiently
Taking half of it into that half mooned mouth all at once
Just as he was ready to swallow the remaining fraction of dough
he heard someone call from the doorway
Reminding him that if he was to devour his prey then
he should do it slowly
he groaned
nibbling at the deepened crescent shape
The figure that contained the noise stepped forward from the doors frame
Elegantly ivory robes flowed around his ankles
Brushing him as gently as leaves in spring
Despite his rough and elongated stature
he remained a beautiful creature
White skin weaved around his torso
covering the muscular frame with silk
He glided to the seat next to the window
joining his companion
quietly his body graced the chair
He sat cross legged in his seat
His right elbow made its place on the small glass table
allowing the strong hand to cradle his chin
He smiled sweetly at this young man who intrigued him so
Hair of a raven fell well past his shoulders
aiming for the hardwood floor
Much better
He smiled to himself
Watching the young man eat nervously
Slowly he placed the rest of the roll onto the plate
Keeping his head low
he declared his defeat

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