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Might be NSFW

Soft breasts greet me
in lieu of the moon.
Pert nipples,
the ever foreboding life force,
brush my cheek, stifling
my breath. Smooth skin rubs
against me as
I hear that ever melodious giggle. Reverberating against
my ears and down my spine;
Amid my thighs.
My hands reach for her,
wanting to feel every
inch. Tips trail her
Back and thighs and
she shivers, vibrations
racking my body. My hand slips
between us; between
her thighs. She cries,
pushing herself down, onto
me. Round hips roll against me,
increasing speed to a
faster end. Soft and pink,
she slicks my fingers.
A stream of moans escape
her lips. And I flip; she rests
on her back, my head
nestled between those
glorious thighs. My tongue
stroking her, eliciting heavier
sounds of pleasure. Her
moan is angelic and
if it’s the last thing I
hear I know I’ll die happy. Those fantastical thighs wrap
around my neck. Pulling me closer, tightening when I increase pace, my tongue circling her. My hands
glide up her sides,
moving for the perky breast.
With each massage she moans
louder, encouraging me.
She doesn’t hold back and when she finishes, I stay between her,
not ready to let her go. But,
she pulls and tugs until
I see her face. A menacing grin
too wide for her head
greets me. A long forked
tongue snakes from between
her lips. I can’t gasp before it
chokes me. Her eyes still smiling she continues with my
suffocation until she vanishes
and I awake in hell.


Had fun making this..i don’t think I’m done, but I like it.. It’s not a very good picture but meh

Self portrait with spray paint and some acrylic..i used cotton swabs to paint with

I’m going to start trying to paint with paint balls again. That way I can better my aim and make art while having fun shooting stuff!! Yay!!

Bright side to having a slingshot


I like doing weird drawings. I just did this sketch a few minutes ago.

I was on the bus and this came to mind so I wrote it down ta-daaaa
(no offense)

Pound it
We score
through tags of meaningless phrases
Numbering every word we speak
Drawing attention to the unnecessarily inevitable
hoping that someone would notice
We yell to one another
Screaming our teams
And everyone is doing it
We rush to
pound it
Look at me
keeping count of insignificant words
And who holds the score
Lines through lines both vert and horizontal
It is addicting
No one can stop us now
As we
Hashtag our way through life
insert pound here for our everyday activities
And just so you know I
“Just woke up about to eat some cereal #starving #sohungover #teamvodka #lookatmeiknowhowtoputapoundsymbolbeforemywords”
We the attention craving youngsters desperate to be cool
And everybody’s doing it
So why not
Let’s just
fist bump the words because it looks better that way
Abbreviate because we can’t spell them anyway
Shorthand circuit this mother
because who doesn’t
love a good shortcut
and creating space
just takes too much out of me
It’s harder on the eyes but
who gives a fuck
We’re all too high to see anyway
#granddaddykush just packed the bowl and
my eyes are so low
Mind moving so
slow and we
swear we’re still awake here
Its just that
It’s easier this way
We prefer it short and dirty
Living to the fullest in a
technological universe
pound our brains out
Tagging every word with all our friends
Emphasizing who we are
Living dangerously online
We place a number on our heads
We hashtag our lives as we
run through cyber crowds yelling

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I had to share this link. It is a wonderful list and shows you exactly how not fun growing up will be.

Do not take college for granted; I know I’m not.



It’s WAY too much fun :P.





WP_000671              And a lot messier lol


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