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Fear; anger.
Legs pushed beneath
your head
Stop; hurt.
Being torn into two.
Ravished by
animals as they sit
atop their prey.


When I was a sophomore, I had this awesome professor for poetry writing who introduced me to different forms of poetry. One form I learned was the double abecedarian. It is a 26 line poem written in alphabetical order. Each line begins and ends with a letter of the alphabet, for example, a to z, b to y, c to x, d to w, and so on.

It can be pretty difficult but it’s also really awesome so, I have decided to give it another try. I wanted to share both attempts, first is the one from class and the second is from this morning.



Attempt 1: Overdose


And you thought I was done when you called me a ditz

back in the woods. I still remember when you said, “You, I will bury”.

Couldn’t care less when I screamed your name so you put me in a box.

Down in the dirt, I groaned with a bow.

Even though you claimed to be the best when you introduced me to the Chekhov

found in your bag, I should’ve known it was a lie that was colored ecru.

Going down it was raw. I didn’t realize that that was the hint.

Had I stopped there, I wouldn’t be here thinking about your puzzles.

I realize now, the light brown didn’t match and your little friend was plastic with a gear;

jaded and abused. When you hit me with it, it would bend PDQ.

Killing my insides, you put an end to my stop,

‘letting’ me continue. Actually, you forced me so I died a long time ago.

Making me a slave, I was a soldier to your objection.

Never given a gun, I fought with your scream.

Out in the woods, you let me fall.

Pounding on your heart, my doors never closed to your fuck.

Questioning the size, it was a benj

rather than a pass, but it was my first and I

should not have let you go forth.

Tucked under your body, I was a victim to your lying.

Understanding my faults, I was cut in half.

“Viva la vagina”, was all the shit you gave.

When you looked into my eyes it sucked.

X-ray vision allowed you to fuck my mind when my words were too elliptic.

Zoned in treatment, while your toes curled, I was stuck with anemia.



Attempt 2: From The Sky, Pull


Amazing buzz

Buried in smoke and engulfed by

considerable ways of the fox.

Down, I fall to your sly touch. Moving to a bow,

everlasting fear blankets me as I gain new maglev.

Forever, you pull me back with an offering of bijou.

Giving me tiny things in retrospect;

harboring all smalls,

I fall again and become the bringer of your

joust. I fly towards you with a tranq

killing your awakening and disarming your help.

Life continues through reincarnated virtuoso

moving backward in brown

nonsense. Giving no time for calm

operative motions, you fall.

Pulling through magnetic force, you come back

Quibbling, you pronounce yourself a Benj

reversing my process so that I

sacrifice life for your church.


underneath your ability to chaff.

Vigorous torture

will never end for the watched.

Xenophobia comes to light. That phobic

yield placed on me goes well beyond drab.

Zero hour has reached and I am in dystopia




tadaa..I think finishing it definitely counts as success

Also some of the sentences were cut which makes the form look wrong but it’s not..I just don’t know how to fix it