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Monthly Archives: May 2013

Today was the first day that I actually cooked some type of food in a really..really long time. I got off work and decided to make some sort of casserole type deal and a dump cake, both of course were quite easy to make and awesome might i add. For the casserole i layered a tortilla with soy meat, beans, cheese, another tortilla, tomatoes with habanero and green chiles, and of course more cheese :P.
The dump cake was even easier, you just dump the pie filling of your choice into a pan, top it with a dry cake mix, and cover it with a thin layer of butter. I used a vegan butter for mine and it turned out great.
I have to say im pretty proud of my self for doing more than tossing a veggie burger in the microwave and/or grabbing a beer from the fridge and calling it a night. I made pretty normal food like you’re supposed to do on holidays; by the way, todos, Feliz Cinco de Mayo!!!! ­čÖé

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