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Walking silently.

Soft soles cushion

my blow to the Earth.

A large face stares up at me

with every step. Massive

eyes watching my every move.


An abnormal mouth

holds my feet and,

OH MY GOD Homer Simpson

is eating me alive. His ecru

lips wraps around my feet

and climbs up my calves to


my thighs. He is eating me to

excess and washing me

down with my beer. Fantastical

eyes stare up at me angrily as

Homer fucking Simpson chomps

down on legs, crippling


me so I can’t run but, still,

I try. I keep moving forward

and he follows me. His fatigued

hat curls over his eyes

darkening them; creating a sinister

glare, he stares.


Those bulbous eyes watches me

as he engorges on my being.

A mixture of laughs and screams

fill the air. I try to pull him off,

hide him in my closet but, Homer

mother fucking Simpson doesn’t


quit when he’s hungry. This

gluttonous being taunts me as

I crawl. Blood spews from

my mangled stubs. I attempt to

escape, trying to distract him with

promises of beer and donuts but


he keeps coming for me. He grows

as he gurgles hungrily, licking

my blood from the ground as he

trails slowly behind me, laughing

as I reach the door. Grabbing hold

of the knob, I pull. Sliding as the door


swings open, I hear another laugh.

I look up and fucking Homer

is in front of me foaming at the

mouth. I look back to see his bloody

sneer approaching me and scream.

I had forgotten that these fucking


things come in pairs.

My heart pounds, blood rushes

from me and I am paralyzed.

These fucking monsters just stare

at me, grinning at my misfortune.

Immobile, I watch as their


mouths grow; Inaudible shrieks

escape my lips as gasps. Panic sets in.

My body weakens more. My visions blurs

as they come closer. “Ready”, they

ask as they hover over me drooling. Lacking

strength, I whisper, “Fuck you Homers”




  1. Great title ; )

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