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Monthly Archives: November 2013

It’s all about perspective; to you, this can just be wet gravel, to someone else, it’s the beginning of a vacation


I was in bed listening to music as I waited for an episode of Mad Men to load when I wrote this. I had The Broken by Coheed & Cambria (awesome song by an awesome prog rock band) on repeat when I was suddenly inspired; I’m just not sure if I’m done yet.

If you know the song, you’ll probably recognize the first line of the chorus in the title.

Any who, here’s the poem ­čÖé

Dropping through space,
Heaven, and Earth
Falling through the core and aiming straight towards hell
We crash
into meaningless lives,
destroying factories that create
robotic realities
We watch nano lives flash
before our eyes;
becoming alienated as they die out
Watching broken people dissolve into the ground as more fall from our sky
Never ending movies play before our eyes
The same film stays on repeat yet we never get tired of watching
Staring as the world burns
Laughing at its suicide
Enjoying the seconds as ash
snows around you
Happy that your feet hasn’t
touched the ground
Proud of this scenic route because the world looks that much better
when you’re falling
You enjoy the lives of the broken
Forgetting that yours is over
Ignoring the fact that pity goes
both ways so that they
may watch you fall

See how awesome the sky looks?? This was like 2-3 days ago and I have to admit I was awestruck. I don’t know if the picture is doing it justice but it was wonderful :).