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Monthly Archives: March 2014

Daria has been both a favorite character and show of mine since I was a kid. She is a misanthropic little shit and I love it. You can’t help but adore Daria’s cynical, sarcastic attitude. She has to be the most relatable television character that I have ever encountered. For that, she get’s this list of 29 reason why she is fantastic:


As a bonus, here is another list of the 17 times Quinn was the smartest person on “Daria”. Quinn’s comedic intellectual moments will always serve as the greatest of entertainments.


Enjoy 🙂


I know that I am probably the worst blogger ever. I might be a little beyond inconsistency; however, I have an idea. I am going to start using song titles as writing prompts/titles. The name of the song will kind of jump start the poem. I’m hoping to, everyday, get a new song and write for 2-6 minutes, without stopping or editing, based off of that song (suggestions are of course very welcome :D).

To kickoff this plan, I’m using ‘Am I Going Crazy by KORN’. Here’s a link to the song:

It’s short and sweet and KORN is awesome so it’s perfect.

Now without further ado, the actual poem:


Am I going crazy? Can

you find my inhabitants?

Has my life become full of vessels?

Are we all broken? Melting

and becoming, are we constantly emerging

into combinations

of terrifying insanity?

Building a life within a

Plague, are we moving

closer towards death?

Is this the end of a horrific

dream? Or the beginning of damnation?

How sick can this be?

Me observing the faces

of twisted morality as I roll within the holes

of hell, watching a contorted sky