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Might be NSFW

Soft breasts greet me
in lieu of the moon.
Pert nipples,
the ever foreboding life force,
brush my cheek, stifling
my breath. Smooth skin rubs
against me as
I hear that ever melodious giggle. Reverberating against
my ears and down my spine;
Amid my thighs.
My hands reach for her,
wanting to feel every
inch. Tips trail her
Back and thighs and
she shivers, vibrations
racking my body. My hand slips
between us; between
her thighs. She cries,
pushing herself down, onto
me. Round hips roll against me,
increasing speed to a
faster end. Soft and pink,
she slicks my fingers.
A stream of moans escape
her lips. And I flip; she rests
on her back, my head
nestled between those
glorious thighs. My tongue
stroking her, eliciting heavier
sounds of pleasure. Her
moan is angelic and
if it’s the last thing I
hear I know I’ll die happy. Those fantastical thighs wrap
around my neck. Pulling me closer, tightening when I increase pace, my tongue circling her. My hands
glide up her sides,
moving for the perky breast.
With each massage she moans
louder, encouraging me.
She doesn’t hold back and when she finishes, I stay between her,
not ready to let her go. But,
she pulls and tugs until
I see her face. A menacing grin
too wide for her head
greets me. A long forked
tongue snakes from between
her lips. I can’t gasp before it
chokes me. Her eyes still smiling she continues with my
suffocation until she vanishes
and I awake in hell.


When I look at myself in the mirror,

I turn away, hitting the lights and shielding

myself from the stares. I don’t want to see

their eyes anymore.



Walking silently.

Soft soles cushion

my blow to the Earth.

A large face stares up at me

with every step. Massive

eyes watching my every move.


An abnormal mouth

holds my feet and,

OH MY GOD Homer Simpson

is eating me alive. His ecru

lips wraps around my feet

and climbs up my calves to


my thighs. He is eating me to

excess and washing me

down with my beer. Fantastical

eyes stare up at me angrily as

Homer fucking Simpson chomps

down on legs, crippling


me so I can’t run but, still,

I try. I keep moving forward

and he follows me. His fatigued

hat curls over his eyes

darkening them; creating a sinister

glare, he stares.


Those bulbous eyes watches me

as he engorges on my being.

A mixture of laughs and screams

fill the air. I try to pull him off,

hide him in my closet but, Homer

mother fucking Simpson doesn’t


quit when he’s hungry. This

gluttonous being taunts me as

I crawl. Blood spews from

my mangled stubs. I attempt to

escape, trying to distract him with

promises of beer and donuts but


he keeps coming for me. He grows

as he gurgles hungrily, licking

my blood from the ground as he

trails slowly behind me, laughing

as I reach the door. Grabbing hold

of the knob, I pull. Sliding as the door


swings open, I hear another laugh.

I look up and fucking Homer

is in front of me foaming at the

mouth. I look back to see his bloody

sneer approaching me and scream.

I had forgotten that these fucking


things come in pairs.

My heart pounds, blood rushes

from me and I am paralyzed.

These fucking monsters just stare

at me, grinning at my misfortune.

Immobile, I watch as their


mouths grow; Inaudible shrieks

escape my lips as gasps. Panic sets in.

My body weakens more. My visions blurs

as they come closer. “Ready”, they

ask as they hover over me drooling. Lacking

strength, I whisper, “Fuck you Homers”


When I was a sophomore, I had this awesome professor for poetry writing who introduced me to different forms of poetry. One form I learned was the double abecedarian. It is a 26 line poem written in alphabetical order. Each line begins and ends with a letter of the alphabet, for example, a to z, b to y, c to x, d to w, and so on.

It can be pretty difficult but it’s also really awesome so, I have decided to give it another try. I wanted to share both attempts, first is the one from class and the second is from this morning.



Attempt 1: Overdose


And you thought I was done when you called me a ditz

back in the woods. I still remember when you said, “You, I will bury”.

Couldn’t care less when I screamed your name so you put me in a box.

Down in the dirt, I groaned with a bow.

Even though you claimed to be the best when you introduced me to the Chekhov

found in your bag, I should’ve known it was a lie that was colored ecru.

Going down it was raw. I didn’t realize that that was the hint.

Had I stopped there, I wouldn’t be here thinking about your puzzles.

I realize now, the light brown didn’t match and your little friend was plastic with a gear;

jaded and abused. When you hit me with it, it would bend PDQ.

Killing my insides, you put an end to my stop,

‘letting’ me continue. Actually, you forced me so I died a long time ago.

Making me a slave, I was a soldier to your objection.

Never given a gun, I fought with your scream.

Out in the woods, you let me fall.

Pounding on your heart, my doors never closed to your fuck.

Questioning the size, it was a benj

rather than a pass, but it was my first and I

should not have let you go forth.

Tucked under your body, I was a victim to your lying.

Understanding my faults, I was cut in half.

“Viva la vagina”, was all the shit you gave.

When you looked into my eyes it sucked.

X-ray vision allowed you to fuck my mind when my words were too elliptic.

Zoned in treatment, while your toes curled, I was stuck with anemia.



Attempt 2: From The Sky, Pull


Amazing buzz

Buried in smoke and engulfed by

considerable ways of the fox.

Down, I fall to your sly touch. Moving to a bow,

everlasting fear blankets me as I gain new maglev.

Forever, you pull me back with an offering of bijou.

Giving me tiny things in retrospect;

harboring all smalls,

I fall again and become the bringer of your

joust. I fly towards you with a tranq

killing your awakening and disarming your help.

Life continues through reincarnated virtuoso

moving backward in brown

nonsense. Giving no time for calm

operative motions, you fall.

Pulling through magnetic force, you come back

Quibbling, you pronounce yourself a Benj

reversing my process so that I

sacrifice life for your church.


underneath your ability to chaff.

Vigorous torture

will never end for the watched.

Xenophobia comes to light. That phobic

yield placed on me goes well beyond drab.

Zero hour has reached and I am in dystopia




tadaa..I think finishing it definitely counts as success

Also some of the sentences were cut which makes the form look wrong but it’s not..I just don’t know how to fix it

I hide in my closet room
Afraid to breathe sideways
Unappealing rain drops fills my craters
Creating lakes for my ship to sail in circles
I sit quietly
Hoping never to be found
With a silent heartbeat that increases with the sound of every thud
Encouraging me to watch
I take a gander fearfully
Too old to be afraid of the thing in my closet
But I know who’s out there
I take a peek under the bed only to be swept away
Pulled in another world

To be continued….??

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