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It’s late..

I’m awake..

Why not draw weird things in the dark??

Best way to occupy my time and entertain myself haha

Details can wait until daylight..i want to make a fish


Had fun making this..i don’t think I’m done, but I like it.. It’s not a very good picture but meh

Self portrait with spray paint and some acrylic..i used cotton swabs to paint with

DSC_1742 DSC_1744

DSC_0971 (2)DSC_1637DSC_1432DSC_1722DSC_0408 (2)

blah blah..meh




This is pretty similar to the face in my dream last night

Can you see the face?? I took this back in March and never actually looked at it until today. The tan colored part of the plant looks like a tiny man with a face of “The Screamer” know if his mouth were closed..

It’s all about perspective; to you, this can just be wet gravel, to someone else, it’s the beginning of a vacation

I had a poem that went with this. However, my WordPress app decided to crash the first time I tried to post it. It sucks because I typed it directly into WordPress instead of in a note/doc so now it’s gone forever 😦

Anyhow, I wanted to take this opportunity to say thanks to everyone who follows/pays the slightest attention to this blog

I appreciate it
you’re all awesome
thank you 🙂

And now….staples!!

Pavement covered in dark belief.
Blanketed by a touch that cannot reach. Engulfed by light
that refuses to show.
Brightening your rotation,
and disappearing just as quickly.

Blown by paralyzed winds.
Lying on the ground;
stretched from home.
Reaching for nothing and,
never holding anyone.

Your life ends quickly,
as soon as the light dims

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