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When I look at myself in the mirror,

I turn away, hitting the lights and shielding

myself from the stares. I don’t want to see

their eyes anymore.


Breathe. Just
Reach into the pit of fire
and grab hold
of the heart strings.
Strum your way
through the beginning

of the end.
Lay down.
Forge your burdens

into your bed.                                                                                                                                           Let your body form
to the                                                                                                                                                       disruptions,
Allow your lungs
to fill with their despair.
Empower yourself

with the fear of defeat.
You rise,
and reach back

through smoke blankets.
Grab hold of                                                                                                                                             the earth
and crawl
through the grave you made.                                                                                                                 Move forward                                                                                                                                     and emerge from the red tape.







Everything deserves a photo

I know that I am probably the worst blogger ever. I might be a little beyond inconsistency; however, I have an idea. I am going to start using song titles as writing prompts/titles. The name of the song will kind of jump start the poem. I’m hoping to, everyday, get a new song and write for 2-6 minutes, without stopping or editing, based off of that song (suggestions are of course very welcome :D).

To kickoff this plan, I’m using ‘Am I Going Crazy by KORN’. Here’s a link to the song:

It’s short and sweet and KORN is awesome so it’s perfect.

Now without further ado, the actual poem:


Am I going crazy? Can

you find my inhabitants?

Has my life become full of vessels?

Are we all broken? Melting

and becoming, are we constantly emerging

into combinations

of terrifying insanity?

Building a life within a

Plague, are we moving

closer towards death?

Is this the end of a horrific

dream? Or the beginning of damnation?

How sick can this be?

Me observing the faces

of twisted morality as I roll within the holes

of hell, watching a contorted sky